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Over Zapaz Food bv.

Zapaz Food: not just any supplier of Mexican products. We are a family-owned business and have been familiar with the versatility of Mexican cuisine for decades. Over the years, Zapaz Food has become an innovative enterprise that responds quickly to trends in the market. The increasing demand for biological products, for example, is one of these trends. Our response to this trend has been to expand our assortment with Zapaz Organic, a complete bio-based product line. 

Mexican cuisine as such is rapidly growing internationally. You will, therefore, find Zapaz Food products on all continents. Our private label Hacienda is our flagship, and includes but is not limited to a wide assortment of tortillas, sauces and seasonings. Premium quality, always in evolution. With Zapaz Food you will choose for a manufacturer who knows the market inside and out and delivers world-wide. 

The love of food originates from traditional spices and sauces.

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Zapaz Organic, The new way of Mexican food...


With Zapaz Organic, we are following the requirements of the customer who loves Mexican cuisine, but who is also environmentally conscious. In the selection of the raw materials for our biological products, we do not make any concession whatsoever to the constant quality that you as a valued regular buyer are used to. With the Zapaz Organic product line, you will offer the environmentally conscious customer the opportunity to responsibly enjoy all the strengths of the Mexican kitchen.

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Traditional, authentic, stylish Mexican Food

About Hacienda; autentic Mexican food

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Hacienda; Get in the Mexican mood with Hacienda food

De products of Hacienda represent traditional Mexican cuisine in its full breadth. A cuisine that allows the customer to do just anything he wants. From quick weekday meals to festive dinners. The Hacienda products form a perfect basis for classical Mexican dishes, but they also inspire to experiment with one’s own ideas.
Hacienda is the private label of Zapaz Food and we are proud of it. You will recognize this in the premium quality of the product sans the care and attention that has been paid to design. Recognisable and elegant.

Only the highest quality is used for milling on authentic stone mills